Take your time to achieve perfection

perfectionYou probably know by now that good things take time. Take for example In and Out burgers drive through order takes a minimum of 5 minutes or more as they claim to make the burgers and fries fresh. The end result is absolutely yummy as opposed to burgers from other fast food chains.

My husband makes the best beef fry. He comes from the part of India where people love eating beef and specialize in making them. But that isn’t the important part. The important part is he takes about 2-2.5hrs to make it. He is patient with it and makes it perfectly.

Life is like that too. You cannot rush and achieve something quick. Most good things need your time and lots of patience. Great men like Newton, Edison and even present day Steve Jobs did not become rich and famous overnight. They worked hard for it, kept trying, did not give up and most important believed in whatever they were doing.

The point here is to not give up. I know many people who try out lots of different things, new things but then expect to reap results immediately. The key to a new venture is not to expect anything. Not everyone gets lucky the first time. It takes time.  If you believe in what you are doing then there is no hurry. Take your time to achieve the perfection and one day you will definitely be proud of what you did.

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