I love to paint, write and code (computer programs). I have always been passionate about learning new stuff either through reading books or by reading articles online. This is my attempt to share the knowledge I have to others. Most of the posts that I write here are through my personal experiences and lessons learnt from them.

I like to try new things and keep myself occupied. I am a nature lover and love hanging out in my cute little garden. I am very passionate about gardening. I also have a cute little senior beagle and off late most of my time revolves around it.

I like to read about psychology concepts and share them on my blog occasionally. I am also a huge pet lover and some of my posts are based on my pets too.

I have self-published a few books which are available for free for Amazon Prime members or $0.99 on Kindle and almost every other Saturday they are available on a Free Promotion in Amazon. I started out writing a new post everyday but now I try to write at-least two per week.

Of late, I have started experimenting with poetry, please do read them here and leave  your feedback and comments. Also, please visit my artwork and let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy reading what I write and feel free to leave your feedback.

Happy Reading!!!!


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  1. Greetings, and thank you for following my blog. God bless your day! Pastor Loescher

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