I love to paint, write and code (computer programs). I have always been passionate about learning new stuff either through reading books or by reading articles online. This is my attempt to share the knowledge I have to others. Most of the blog posts that I write here are through my personal experiences and the lessons learnt from them.

I like to try new things and keep myself occupied. I am a nature lover and love hanging out in my cute little garden. I am very passionate about gardening.

I like to read about psychology concepts and share them on my blog once in a while. I am also a huge pet lover, so some of my posts are based on my pets too. I also like travelling a lot and have been working on my travel photography. Some key pictures are here, more pictures are available on my Photo Blog.

I have also self-published a few books which are available for free for Amazon Prime members or 99cents on Kindle. Almost every other Saturday they are available on a Free Promotion. I started out writing a new post everyday but now I try to write atleast two per week.

Of late, I have started experimenting with poetry, please do read them here and leave  your feedback and comments.

Hope you enjoy reading it and feel free to leave your feedback.

Happy Reading!!!!

I also write a few other blogs, feel free to visit them if it interests you:


Recipe Blog



Java Technical Concepts


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  1. Greetings, and thank you for following my blog. God bless your day! Pastor Loescher

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