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When I look around, I see lot of grief and sadness. I see lot of great, wonderful, talented people – who if provided the right guidance can be one of the most happiest and successful people in this place.

This books provides all such people an insight on being happy. It teaches them how easy it is to be happy. This book is a compilation of various techniques that worked for me in becoming a happier person and for those around me whom I have observed transforming into a happier and better human being.


25_Short_Stories_For_Cover_for_KindleThis book consists of stories which would provide an inspiration to people of all ages. Be it a young kid or an adolescent child, a college student or a young working professional, a family man or a man fighting illness. Some of the stories are inspired by real life events while some are my imagination. There is a story for everyone to feel connected to.



This book is my attempt to help people realize how easy it is to lose weight but at the same time how important it is to stay healthy. Feeling good about yourself and how you look is as important as anything else that you are about to do. Focusing on the bigger picture is the key to achieving this goal. Eating right is an art, this book will help you explore it.


A_Glimpse_Into_The_L_Cover_for_KindleSome people make music, some make art, some make buildings and some make food. I make software. There has always been a grey area around what a software engineer does, what makes them so special, why do they get paid so much, why do they work so late? This book may not provide answers to all your questions but will help you take a peek into the life of a software engineer.


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