Facing challenges makes you stronger

imagesHave you felt like running away from a place just because you are not comfortable there? I get that feeling all the time before I have to give a presentation, before an interview, before meeting someone, taking a phone call, attending a party and almost before anything that I am uncomfortable doing. That moment before you are about to step out of your comfort zone and do something, there are numerous emotions running down my brain, the strongest one asking me to turn back and run away, some even make me wonder why am I doing what I am about to do. The more I focus on the situation, the confusing it gets, one part of my inner self tries to convince me how easy it is to give up everything and go back. While the other part reminds me of what I will achieve after I get over with it.

Most of us face with challenging situations at different times during the day in our daily life. Often the easiest solution is to give up and get on with your life. But when you overcome that temptation and step forward to face the challenge, it makes you stronger. You come out of it as a changed person, you heal, you accept, you grow. Sometimes you fail but failure doesn’t make you a loser, it helps you correct your mistakes and succeed. So next time you face a difficult situation, do not turn back, face the challenge and keep going forward.

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3 Responses to Facing challenges makes you stronger

  1. I really like this post. Challenges make us stronger and better prepare us for challenges in the future. I think we all need to realize that running won’t work forever. Challenges will present themselves over and over again, and eventually we will HAVE to face them. Might as well start now…

    • Anonymous says:

      that was such a good thing you wrote it really also helped me write a paper over challenges and how they make u stronger

  2. Anonymous says:

    word very good for my essay im writing about over coming obstacles

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