Reflecting on someone’s action

reflectionsI read a blog today about a girl who is sad, confused, depressed about things going on in her life. She has a lucrative job in one of the high paying companies, lives in the city, has plenty of friends, money, comfort and yet she has an emptiness in her life.

She mentions that her life has become mundane, the cost of living in the city has resulted in cutting off expenses in other areas, her commute has increased five fold and at the end of the day she feels so tired and lost that she barely has time to do her everyday chores. She chose to go back to her home, a small town with lesser amenities and start fresh.

I like her courage to leave all the comforts and start a life from scratch again but I am not completely satisfied for her reasons for doing that. I believe that every story has 2 sides to it. All her reasons for unhappiness that she mentioned was self-created and easily fixable in my opinion. For instance, the decision to live in the city was completely hers, she obviously decided to do it knowing that it would increase her work commute and she was aware of the cost of living. Not having time to do chores or other work is attributed to laziness and lack of better time management in my opinion.

Again, I don’t blame the girl for how she felt and for her miseries but I think all of this happened because somewhere deep down she never wanted the life she has been living. Her heart was always back home where her family and childhood friends are. Many of us chose a life either because we follow the crowd or because we think that’s the right thing to do. Seldom do we stop, step back to think if this is what we really want; especially when we are young.

I am glad the girl finally knows what she wants to do but I do hope she goes back home not hoping to find a solution to all the problems that she faced in the city but to find inner happiness. Because all the problems that she listed above is not isolated to fast paced cities and high paying jobs; these problems can happen no matter where you are and what you do. One needs to clear their perspective of what they want in life and balance their lifestyle to achieve it.

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Control your reaction

reactionI am generally a very calm person. It is very hard for someone to annoy me especially at work. Home is a different story altogether though, since people close to me know what my weak points are. But lets not go there today.

Although I am calm and composed at most times, one thing that does annoy me or stresses me out are lousy drivers. I dislike when people are on their phone when clearly they should have their eyes on the road. I also dislike when people drive on the road unsure on where they are going thereby slowing the traffic.

But off late, I have been practicing patience towards these drivers. Drivers who annoy me. I want to make sure that I control my brain during these times and not the other way round. So whenever I am behind a person who is distracted, I consciously make my good personality kick in. I am super patient, I slow down and I continue. It has made my commute much easier and stress free.

I started doing this not for the benefit of other drivers but for myself. By doing this, I am no longer stressed while driving. I am happy and pleasant and at the end of the day I have one less thing to worry about

Sometimes, small things can make a huge difference to your health. Often how we react to situations can be controlled by making minor changes in our lifestyle. Take control of your mind and the world would be a better place.

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This too shall pass

timeI have known this phrase for a long time but I always considered it as something that I should think about during bad times. It served as a motivation to pick myself up when I am down or hit a barrier because everything is temporary; that all the bad things doesn’t stay forever and eventually we’ll get out of it and move past it to a brighter future.

However, recently I read Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth” which gave me a new perspective to this phrase. It made me realize that not just bad times but even good times go away. This is a phrase that one should read everyday to keep themselves grounded. When things go well, one shouldn’t be over elated and rise with pride because it is temporary, just as bad times are.

The point is, good or bad everything goes away. Nothing’s forever and we are part of an ever changing world. One shouldn’t hold onto to success or money or anything else that keeps us happy, we should accept it, cherish it and keep going. The ability to live in the moment and keep going forward will help us lead a meaningful life.

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Keep going on

keep goingI always believe that if you want to achieve something and you work hard for it, then you will get there no matter what. And if you don’t achieve it, then it just means that either you are not doing it right or you are looking for it in the wrong place. It goes without saying that reaching to that point is no easy ride; it is often accompanied by numerous roadblocks and failures along the way. But isn’t everything in life that way? What fun will it be if it was given to us easily.

Life is a bittersweet journey. Just because things don’t work the way you want it to be, doesn’t indicate that you are doomed for good. Sometimes, hardships are essential for us to get to our perfect destination. Failure always doesn’t indicate that the chapter is closed; sometimes what may seem as bad times can eventually wound up to be good for us. The point is, keep up the spirits and continue working hard in what you believe, and you’ll eventually get there one day. Don’t let the small failures or disappointments deter you from your path to glory.

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My reading list for 2017

booksEvery year one of my top priorities is to read more. Although, I try to squeeze in about 15-30 minutes of reading time most days, I could really use some more inspiration. So this year I am putting together a list of must read books in no order of preference. Hopefully, this will inspire me to complete atleast 10 books this year.

1. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose -Eckhart Tolle – I am currently reading this book, so need to finish this first before I can get to the rest

2. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear -Elizabet Gilbert

3. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ -Daniel Goleman – This book has been lying around at home for many years, hopefully I’ll get to read it this year

4. The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich -Timothy Ferriss

5. Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment -Peter Buffett

6. The Art Of War -Sun Tzu – This also has been in my ebook library for years, hopefully I’ll get to it this year.

7. The Fountainhead -Ayn Rand – This one is an out of sorts, one which is different than all others that I plan to read. It should add an interesting twist to my reading.

8. Succeeding When You’re Supposed to Fail: The 6 Enduring Principles of High Achievement -Rom Brafman

Ideally I want to ready at least 10 this year but I want to discover new books as I read these. I’ll add more to the list as I progress!!!

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New year and new beginnings

new yearHappy New Year my dear readers!!! I know it’s Jan 2nd already in most parts of the world but it’s never too late to wish someone, and its still the 1st here in California. Every year on new year’s day, I write a customary post about my new year’s resolution or a list of things that I want to change or do differently. Now we all know that resolutions lasts barely a week, may be a month and yet we still make it. Do you know why we do that?

It’s because it gives us hope to be better than what we are today. It makes us ambitious even if that means for only one week. It makes us see where we want ourselves in the future and above all, it makes us believe in ourselves.

My main goal this year would be to be a pseudo minimalist; meaning I would reduce buying things that I don’t need. Give away things that I don’t use and definitely declutter. Letting go of material possessions can be really hard and we may not even realize that but once we start doing that, it will be rewarding in many ways. In addition to this, I want to give another shot at meditation. I have tried to meditate in the past but it has never worked for me. My mind wanders constantly whenever I try doing it but I hear it is beneficial and I could really use it.

So, here’s to a bright and joyous new year!!!

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Turn the pages of your book

bookI am going to assume that everyone who reads my blog is also an avid book lover. Reading is the best gift that one can give to themselves. However, not all books satisfies our minds. Some fills us with pleasure and knowledge while there are some that leave us empty; and there are some that we struggle to finish. Isn’t our life the same as well. There are some things that make us feel empty and depressed, some that satisfies us and make us happy; and some things in life that we are merely doing so that we can finish it someday.

Sometimes you just have to turn the page to realize there is more to your book of life than the page you’re stuck on. – Trent Shelton.

I love the quote above. It is very simple yet meaningful. Fear of change often holds us back from exploring what lies ahead for us. We keep re-reading the same pages of our book that we fail to turn the page; we fail to make the leap and take a chance. The only way to move forward and get to the next book is to turn the page and finish reading it. Life doesn’t stop in one chapter, there is plenty of chapters ahead and many more volumes of books to cover, so keep flipping those pages over and moving forward.

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