It’s all about priorities

planPeople often tell they don’t have time. They want to read books, spend more time working out, want to make a phone call to their parent or friends, or to do things that they actually love doing but for some reason they complain about not having enough time to do all that. At work, people complain they don’t have time to do task A or B. Yet, if you invite them for a drink after work or offer them free tickets to a game or something else that they like they seem to accept it right away.

The above behavior is not necessarily a bad thing. It just reflects what’s important to them. Not having time is just an excuse; everyone has time. The one thing that everyone has equally is time, however, how one uses it is totally up to them. Not being able to find time to do certain things just indicates where it lies in their priority list.

I am not saying, I am immune to these things. I often tell myself I don’t have time to write blogs these days. I make plans to write one every weekend, however I push it until late Sunday night, not because I don’t have time but because watching a movie or doing something else was more important to me subconsciously.

The thing about defining priorities is tricky, there is always an ideal list and a realistic list. Ideal list often has things that one wants to achieve in life – like losing weight, traveling the world, saving x amount of money etc. Realistic list is getting the day to day chores done. We often put away the ideal list hoping to get to it when we find time. Finding the right balance is the key.

At work, I am taught to map all the work that I do to a business goal that the company shares as a whole. If anything that I am working on doesn’t fall under a business goal, then it indicates that I am not working on the right thing. I think in life too, we should strive to achieve this. If what you are doing day to day doesn’t fulfill your long term ideal goal then you are not doing it right. It’s time to redefine your priorities to make sure everything you do maps to the bigger goal of your life.

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