Books and prayers are the answer to all my problems

bookWhen I was a little kid, I was a very God-fearing child. I felt that no matter what the problem in my life is, God will take care of it. I still think the same, except I also believe in making an effort first before having God do everything for you.

Over the time, I also developed a huge obsession for books. I don’t read fiction, most of the books that I read are geared towards self improvement. I feel that life is an ever learning journey and the more one reads, the more we grow in every aspect of our life.

I have been battling shyness and social anxiety for a long time. I have always been a selectively shy person. I say selectively shy because I am not shy at all times, certain situations make me shy; which makes me believe that it can be improved over time.

Reading about people who face the same anxiety and learning about ways to overcome it, helps me improve myself. At work, I often have to speak at conferences and online webinars. Public speaking hasn’t been my strongest forte but I believe practicing and learning about new techniques can put everyone at ease and this is something I’ve personally experienced myself.

And ofcouse, after doing all that, I do say a little prayer every time before I hit the stage or before an important event.

Reading and praying alone doesn’t always solve the problem if one doesn’t make an effort to achieve what they want. Putting what you learnt into practice and working towards achieving it is the key. Like they say – God helps those who help themselves.

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