My bucket list for 2018

celebration-3042641__340I love writing these end of the year/ new year blog post because it gets me to reflect on the past year and amend plans as needed.

I accomplished most of the things that I had hoped for this year, such as learning Spanish, reading 10+ books, traveling and overall I am doing well at work as well. And on top of that, I managed to not fall sick this winter(read here to know more).

My wish list for 2018 would be to stay healthy, eat healthy, spend more time working out, write 1 blog per week and of course continue reading and traveling more.

Here’s to a wonderful new year ahead. Happy New Year 2018 everyone!

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One Response to My bucket list for 2018

  1. Here’s to New Year resolutions and new friendships! 🙂
    Happy travels 🙂
    Check our our blog for more goodness-

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