The power of Stoicism

balanceI have been reading The Daily Stoic the last two months and I must admit it is one of the best books I have ever read. It has helped me understand and see things differently. To be at a place where you can control your state of mind at all times is truly a great feeling.

Reading the book made me realize how easy it is for us to get driven away by external factors. A rogue driver, a loud colleague, a self absorbed friend or just about anything in life that goes wrong makes us feel miserable and react in a negative way.

How about seeing things differently. For instance getting mad at the rogue driver implies that we are allowing the driver to control our mind and body. Do we really want to give that person that kind of control over us? I started asking this question to everything in my life. When there are disagreements at work or at home, I stopped getting angry at the other person because I don’t want to give others that kind of power over me.

How we react to situations is completely our choice. We all have heard this multiple times but how often do we actually put it into practice. To practice self awareness, to think about what you are thinking and how you feel and behave is the key.

I will post more about this in future posts. It is a great principle and I believe the more people know about it, the better our world will be.

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