Health Benefits of Barley

barleyIt’s been a while since I did a post on superfoods. I discovered barley last week accidentally. Although, barley is no stranger to me; one of my earliest memories of barley dates back to my pre teen years when my parents fed my brother with barley water while he was recovering from jaundice.

Fast forward to 20 years and last week my husband got some barley while shopping for groceries hoping to drink the water. I used the drained barley to make some risotto and it turned out quite good. Curious whether its good for my health, I started researching and was pleasantly surprised at all the benefits this little grain has.

Lose Weight – Let’s start with the obvious and also the one that most people are interested in. Barley does help reduce weight. It has high fibre content and low in calories which means it makes you feel fuller faster and longer.

Cancer – Barley is rich in plant lignin’s which help protect us from cancer as well as heart disease.

Arthritis – Barley also has Copper which strengthens the bones and make the joints flexible thereby reducing arthritis.

Vitamin B – Great source of vitamin B.

Gallstones – Barley is rich in insoluble fibre and helps reduce triglycerides thereby avoiding stones and facilitates proper kidney function.

Zinc – Barley is rich in zinc as well which promotes healing

Vitamin C – Barley is rich in vitamin C which contributes to healthy skin and also improves immunity.

These are just some of the key benefits, there are many more benefits in this mineral packed grain.

Like everything else, excess of anything is not good for our body. To maintain a proper balance, its best to add variety to your meal. I usually try to incorporate different kinds of grains like barley, quinoa, millet, rice and wheat in my meals throughout the week. Similarly a proper balance of fresh fruits and vegetables is also important.

Ultimately, you are what you eat and what you eat in your early years plays an important role on how healthy you would be during your old age, its never too late to start eating healthy.

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