There is a difference between who you are and what you want to be

I have been hearing a lot about minimalism recently. Almost all advocates of minimalism claim that it has improved their quality of life and I completely agree with it. I am not a minimalist by any standard yet but I hope to become one some day. I do make it a point to get rid of things that I haven’t used in years periodically. I feel that’s a good start but there’s a long way to go.

I often come across people who call themselves minimalist just because its cool but don’t really practice it. I’ve had a friend who was living in a rented room with another family in their house and when she was moving out, she had a truck load of stuff to carry to her new place. I couldn’t imagine how someone living in one room could possibly have so much stuff. And here’s the funny part, that friend calls herself a minimalist.

Sometimes people have an idea about a state of life which they would like to achieve and often hope that they can achieve it if they talk about it often.

Most people when asked a question about themselves or asked to answer a survey about their personality, would often unconsciously reply based on what they want to achieve or see themselves in the future and not how they actually are.

For example, a question as simple as “How clean is your work desk” with the following four options 1- Very clean, 2-Relatively clean, 3-Could use some organizing, 4-Messy, often results in people answering 1 when they are a 2 and 2 when they are actually 3.

One of the key things to make a change in your life is to identify what you need to improve. By turning your back against all your negative qualities will only result in taking you one step backward rather than moving closer to your goal. Awareness is the key here, the more you are aware of who you are, the closer you get to changing it. No matter how much you hate it, don’t be ashamed of what you are now; everything is fixable.

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