Is change good?

changeI have written several posts in the past advocating how change is always a good thing; how not wanting to change can limit your growth and exposure to what’s there outside of your boundaries. However, there are some aspects of change that I often contemplate on whether it is good or bad. For instance, the type of food that I like, the idea of how I want to spend my holidays or weekends (staying at home vs going out).

I have come to a point where I no longer enjoy things that I used to 5-10years back. May be because I am growing old, may be because I have passed that stage in my life where it doesn’t make sense to do what I did 10 years back.

The thing about moving forward is that sometimes people in your life don’t move at the same pace as you and are often stuck in the place where you were 10 years ago. I left home 16years ago and ever since then I have met my parents only during vacations which spanned anywhere between 1 week to 1 month. And most of my vacations are usually spent with excessive eating and pampering. To my parents I am still a 17 year old who likes to eat x,y,z and even now when I am 33, they assume I like the same 3 things. I do like the same things but not in the same order or in some cases my list now has a, b and c as well.

The point is, I don’t really care if I get to eat x.y.z now or a.b.c; I care more about getting to spend quality time with my parents which often doesn’t happen when I am with them because they are too busy cooking for me or doing things to make my life comfortable. Eating my favorite food was priority to me when I was living in a college dorm starving because I hated the food there but now food is not important, having a hearty conversation with my mom is.

Sometimes, I feel sad that I am not the same person anymore. I guess it’s part of growing up and no matter how much one wants to remain in the same place, change is inevitable.

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