Do you know your life’s purpose

purposeHave you ever felt that you are stuck in the wrong profession? Even if everything around you is going well. You have a good job, good money, fame, success – do you feel empty even after achieving everything?

Sometimes, we spend all our life chasing the wrong rabbit. And once we are in the finish line we look back and see that the rabbit that we really wanted wasn’t even in the race. We didn’t even have to train for the race, participate in it and win it. Instead all we needed to do was take a detour and head to the woods to get to it.

Do we all know our purpose in this life? I hate to see so many people just following the rat race or doing things not know if it’s right or wrong. It saddens me to see the wrong people at the wrong place.

Find your purpose in life, try our different things. You won’t know what you’re good at, what you really want or what gives you happiness unless you start exploring. Life is too short to be on the wrong path, it’s never too late to take the detour.

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