Stop stressing and enjoy your life

stressWorry, stress, thinking about the worst, these are some things that comes naturally to us. We worry about what others will think, we stress about our future, our present and also about things we did in our past. And while doing all of it, we impair our heath and our capability to move forward and do something better.

Stress can easily take up a good amount of our life, the kind of time that we could have used doing activities that we enjoy; like going to a beach, or playing football or writing a poem or hanging out with family or friends.

The way to get rid of stress is to understand that misery or problems or whatever else that you are stressed about is temporary. A couple of years from now everything you are stressing about now won’t matter. Keep moving forward. Don’t try to dwell in what you can’t control, try to take charge of what you can do.

Stop worrying about the inevitable, cease the day and live like it was your last.

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  1. I just found your blog, and I’m already obsessed ♡

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