To all the kids in pain, I am thinking of you

rose-1760737__340I am very sad today, I don’t know why. May be its hormones, may be it’s the sad music that I am listening to on a loop, may be it’s the string of sad news I keep reading all day everyday. I am ashamed at human race; we use everything possible for our benefit. We corrupt, we destroy and we are selfish. It doesn’t end there, our actions live for a long time, sometimes way beyond our lifetime.

Amongst everything, one thing that baffles me is the urge for human race to procreate. I see so many people desperate to have kids, going beyond their means sometimes. I fail to understand why is it hard for people to think of adoption as their first option. How can one think about bringing a child to this world, when there are millions of children who are abandoned, malnourished, waiting for a good home. It troubles me a lot.

I know lot of people will disagree with me but no matter what reason you give, it is not enough. I hope things change, I hope people see things differently in the future. I hope for a world where no child is homeless.

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