Reflecting on someone’s action

reflectionsI read a blog today about a girl who is sad, confused, depressed about things going on in her life. She has a lucrative job in one of the high paying companies, lives in the city, has plenty of friends, money, comfort and yet she has an emptiness in her life.

She mentions that her life has become mundane, the cost of living in the city has resulted in cutting off expenses in other areas, her commute has increased five fold and at the end of the day she feels so tired and lost that she barely has time to do her everyday chores. She chose to go back to her home, a small town with lesser amenities and start fresh.

I like her courage to leave all the comforts and start a life from scratch again but I am not completely satisfied for her reasons for doing that. I believe that every story has 2 sides to it. All her reasons for unhappiness that she mentioned was self-created and easily fixable in my opinion. For instance, the decision to live in the city was completely hers, she obviously decided to do it knowing that it would increase her work commute and she was aware of the cost of living. Not having time to do chores or other work is attributed to laziness and lack of better time management in my opinion.

Again, I don’t blame the girl for how she felt and for her miseries but I think all of this happened because somewhere deep down she never wanted the life she has been living. Her heart was always back home where her family and childhood friends are. Many of us chose a life either because we follow the crowd or because we think that’s the right thing to do. Seldom do we stop, step back to think if this is what we really want; especially when we are young.

I am glad the girl finally knows what she wants to do but I do hope she goes back home not hoping to find a solution to all the problems that she faced in the city but to find inner happiness. Because all the problems that she listed above is not isolated to fast paced cities and high paying jobs; these problems can happen no matter where you are and what you do. One needs to clear their perspective of what they want in life and balance their lifestyle to achieve it.

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