Control your reaction

reactionI am generally a very calm person. It is very hard for someone to annoy me especially at work. Home is a different story altogether though, since people close to me know what my weak points are. But lets not go there today.

Although I am calm and composed at most times, one thing that does annoy me or stresses me out are lousy drivers. I dislike when people are on their phone when clearly they should have their eyes on the road. I also dislike when people drive on the road unsure on where they are going thereby slowing the traffic.

But off late, I have been practicing patience towards these drivers. Drivers who annoy me. I want to make sure that I control my brain during these times and not the other way round. So whenever I am behind a person who is distracted, I consciously make my good personality kick in. I am super patient, I slow down and I continue. It has made my commute much easier and stress free.

I started doing this not for the benefit of other drivers but for myself. By doing this, I am no longer stressed while driving. I am happy and pleasant and at the end of the day I have one less thing to worry about

Sometimes, small things can make a huge difference to your health. Often how we react to situations can be controlled by making minor changes in our lifestyle. Take control of your mind and the world would be a better place.

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