This too shall pass

timeI have known this phrase for a long time but I always considered it as something that I should think about during bad times. It served as a motivation to pick myself up when I am down or hit a barrier because everything is temporary; that all the bad things doesn’t stay forever and eventually we’ll get out of it and move past it to a brighter future.

However, recently I read Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth” which gave me a new perspective to this phrase. It made me realize that not just bad times but even good times go away. This is a phrase that one should read everyday to keep themselves grounded. When things go well, one shouldn’t be over elated and rise with pride because it is temporary, just as bad times are.

The point is, good or bad everything goes away. Nothing’s forever and we are part of an ever changing world. One shouldn’t hold onto to success or money or anything else that keeps us happy, we should accept it, cherish it and keep going. The ability to live in the moment and keep going forward will help us lead a meaningful life.

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