New year and new beginnings

new yearHappy New Year my dear readers!!! I know it’s Jan 2nd already in most parts of the world but it’s never too late to wish someone, and its still the 1st here in California. Every year on new year’s day, I write a customary post about my new year’s resolution or a list of things that I want to change or do differently. Now we all know that resolutions lasts barely a week, may be a month and yet we still make it. Do you know why we do that?

It’s because it gives us hope to be better than what we are today. It makes us ambitious even if that means for only one week. It makes us see where we want ourselves in the future and above all, it makes us believe in ourselves.

My main goal this year would be to be a pseudo minimalist; meaning I would reduce buying things that I don’t need. Give away things that I don’t use and definitely declutter. Letting go of material possessions can be really hard and we may not even realize that but once we start doing that, it will be rewarding in many ways. In addition to this, I want to give another shot at meditation. I have tried to meditate in the past but it has never worked for me. My mind wanders constantly whenever I try doing it but I hear it is beneficial and I could really use it.

So, here’s to a bright and joyous new year!!!

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