Reflecting the year

flashbackEnd of the year brings back memories of what went right and what went wrong. Amidst party planning for the new year, one may also contemplate on all the shortcomings. Flashes from the previous year’s new year celebrations comes to my mind.

I have heard lot of people saying that 2016 was quite a crappy year for them. I don’t really agree with that. Year is just a moment in time that comes and goes. What makes it good or bad depends on the decisions we make throughout the year.

Personally for me, the new year started on a sad note. But as the year progressed it went on to be a pretty good one. I got a promotion in my job. A few months later, I got a new job with an even better pay. I bought a second house and the best of all I adopted my pet Beagle who has changed my life for the better.

Of course, happiness comes at the cost of bitter memories as well, but I chose to ignore the bitter things. I want to keep the good ones and move ahead to make it even better.

I understand the year may not have panned the way each one of us wanted but this is not the end, focus on the good and move forward to great beginnings.

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