How do you feel when you see homeless people?

homelessI am ashamed to even ask this question because morally we are all supposed to feel sad for them and try to help them. But that isn’t the case these days as the first thing that comes to our mind when we see them is to wonder if he is really in need or is he lazy. We start to doubt their pain often analyzing their body to see if they are physically fit. And if they are then the next thing that comes to our mind is why is this person not out there working instead of begging on the streets.

If they have children with them, we are often quick to judge that they are exploiting their kids to get money and that they had no right to have kids if they couldn’t take care of them. And the list goes on.

All these thoughts are not particularly shallow, as there have been cases of people who often do not want to work but I feel most of them give it a try and resort to begging only when everything else fails. I don’t know for sure though and I don’t think I will ever have an answer to that question.

But lets talk about you and me. People who make enough money to have a decent living. How many times do we stop to help them? We can spend $4 on a cup of coffee but won’t spare a dollar to a person who claims to be hungry. What does that make us?

I see a homeless man sitting outside a church often with a small dog with him. I am no saint either and like many of us, I often ignore him until one day, when I saw him eating a slice of bread and he broke a small piece off it to feed the dog. It was clear that the dog was a stray and he had adopted it because he felt the pain to be out alone. He didn’t have enough to fill his own stomach, yet he could spare some food for the poor dog.

We all can do better than that man, can’t we?

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