Is it easy to succeed when you are in the middle of slackers?

slackerI am the type of person who likes to keep doing things. I like to be busy and I definitely don’t like taking a pay check without feeling that I earned it. So when things started to slow down at work to the point where I had nothing to do, I decided to find a new job.

I had waited too long for opportunities, in fact I even exhausted all the low priority items in my queue. I felt that I was not adding value anymore neither to the company nor to me.

When you are in the middle of people who don’t like to work, it can be a sign for worry. On one side you can use this as an opportunity to grow and show your potential but on the other hand you also risk becoming like them. Every time I am in such company, my fears of becoming like them is more than the enthusiasm of getting a good opportunity to grow.

Of course, it ultimately depends on how one uses the opportunity but we are also often a reflection of the people around us. And unless we work really hard to turn other people into being like us, it can be a hard road to tread.

That being said, it is definitely an advantage which one must use if they are in such a situation. Life is full of opportunities, being with slackers or in the company of people who are not very enthusiastic about work can also be a blessing in disguise. Use it for the better and you’ll thank yourself later. Don’t get influenced by the aura around you, focus on what you need to do and keep going.

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