Retirement Plan

retirementHave you ever thought about a retirement plan? The idea of not going to work everyday and doing the same thing that you’ve been doing for years. People often view retirement as a period of enjoyment, they think of it as a time when they can stop worrying about savings and other commitments and fulfill their unfinished dreams.

It is a good plan except in some cases, it may be a little too late. A friend of mine was very excited to hear about my skydiving experience. He asked me how old I was when I tried it and if I would want to do it again. I was only 24 when I did my first skydiving and it is definitely an experience of a lifetime. I asked my friend if he was interested in doing it too. He replied that his wife wants him to try it only after his son turns 25. That would make him close to 60 to even try it. I laughed out loud to his amusement and when he asked why I laughed, I told him that it sounds like a good plan except chances are that he may not be interested in doing it at that age.

No offense to old people, I know lots of old people who try plenty of adventure sports and I love that they do that. But you can’t expect someone to start being adventurous at 60. If you really want to do something, you need to do it now. Stop waiting for the right day, that will never happen. Same goes for your retirement plans. If you want to travel the world, if you want to open a bakery or a coffee shop, if you want to start a small business that you always wanted to try; do it now.

No one knows what lies in the future. You make not even live that long or you may not be active to do all that you wanted. The last thing that you want to do in your last days is to regret not doing enough when you had the chance. So rain or sunshine, make plans to enjoy and fulfill all your dreams. Do everything you want to do now. Exhaust your list of things to do. You will be surprised that the list will never cease to exist. You will see yourself continually adding things to the list and that is the right way to build your retirement plan.

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