Organize yourself for success

organizeThe word organize gets me all excited. I am a highly organized person and I enjoy doing it. But being organized in your personal life doesn’t necessarily mean that one is organized at work. Little do people know that organization is the first step towards achieve something. I know some of my non-orderly friends will disagree with this. I have even read the article about the study that says people with a messy desk are more creative compared to those who are organized.

But when I talk about organizing yourself for success, what I really mean is to prepare your path for success. It’s about clearing things in your life that is not important and make way for those that are important. Finding ways of dealing with life’s necessities so that you are not distracted by them. It’s about being able to say no to things that are not important to you and taking up opportunities that you like.

Many times people get lost in their journey of getting ahead. They lose focus, they wander around and start doing whatever they can get their hands into. This is probably alright in short term to gain exposure but in the longer term one needs to have a clear goal. You need to de-clutter your goal, focus on what’s important and keep improving yourself to achieve it. If all of us devoted our time doing only things that is important to us, we would astound ourselves with things we never imagined we could do.

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