Be the best that you can be

bestBe the best you can be and the rest will happen on its own. This has been my motto pretty much my entire life. Whenever I felt weak or helpless, I always used to remind myself of this. Be it in school, college, work or personal life.

Studying hard, working hard, doing more than what’s asked for, being kind to others, putting others first, these are some of the things that come to my mind. The idea is to do everything you can do from your end and after that even if things don’t work out, you won’t feel like a failure.

In our life, we’ll meet all kinds of people and face different kinds of situations and many times we are in a position where we need to make important decisions. No matter what situation you are in, always striving to do the best from your end can go a long way to achieving goodwill and happiness in the long term.

Each day think of how you can improve yourself, what is it that you can do to differently to make yourself better. Small things like not getting angry at the road while driving or giving way to someone at the elevator can help you grow as person. Doing good things also fills you up positive energy which can yield results in areas you have never imagined. Practicing this is not easy and will not happen quickly but with perseverance and little bit of effort you can get there.

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