Getting life back on track

trackEvery so often my life changes its course from what it is supposed to do. This can happen due to work pressure, change in lifestyle, change in priorities, laziness and many other things. Life won’t be exciting if it continues to be perfect, it has to go off course, and then it is time to recover.

Although I strive for perfection, I do like this brief detour that my life takes once in a while because at the end I make efforts to get it back on track. Today is one such occasion.

I want to spend more time being physically active, spend more time on my writing (which I have been neglecting for quite sometime now), spend more time learning Spanish and a lot more reading. My list seems to be the same for a while now but it is easier said than done.

At least today, I was able to cover most of the items on my list on time, so hopefully this will continue for the next few months. Have you guys evaluated your life yet? Is it going in the direction that you would like? If not, now might be the right time.

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