Are you with good company?

friendsWe meet so many people during the course of our life, some who leave a lasting impression while others we don’t even remember how they looked or what their name was. Those that leave an impression doesn’t necessarily mean they were good, it could also be a bad interaction.

Often times we tend to remember the bad than the good, unless of course the good experience was incredibly awesome. The point is, out of every 100 people that you meet, you probably remember only 20 percent of them. And of those twenty, the probability of staying friends with them after 5 years is less than 2. And by friends I mean real friendship, not social media friends.

To me a friend is someone who adds value to my life. Who knows my strengths and weaknesses and enjoys those qualities as is. I have had many superficial friends who mean well but always wanted me to change to fit their social life. Sometimes it is a good experience, doing something out of my comfort zone with friends but sometimes it can get overwhelming. There are also people who drain out your energy. Who add drama to your life, who limit your opportunities.

If you have people in your life who belong to the latter list, then its time to make new friends. Your happiness is not determined by the number of friends that you have but by the quality of friendships that you make. Life can be beautiful with just one wonderful friend or lonely even after having tens of friends. You pick which side of the boat you want to be.

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