A birthday wish for a dead friend

birthday wishIt disturbs me when people send birthday wishes to a dead friend of mine whose Facebook profile is still online. It has been 7 years since he passed away and every year around this time during his birthday, my timeline is filled with posts of people wishing him. It’s fine as long as they are trying to remember him and keeping him alive in their memories but almost every year I see some posts from some of his friends who send wishes not realizing that he is no more.

This disturbs me a lot. People blindly wishing a person without even knowing if someone is dead or alive by simply following Facebook notifications. Are these people really his friend? Friendship is not about sending wishes on Facebook or liking posts, images on social media. Friendship is about knowing and caring for your friend, someone whom you can bank on when you need them. Someone who reaches out to you before you reach out to them. Friendship is not about counting the number of followers/friends on social media.

It is ok to wish people on Facebook. Social media and various online apps ensures that we don’t forget anyone’s birthday or special occasion. But in addition to wishing them during these days, it is also important to talk to them or perhaps message or email them once in a while to enquire about their well being. If you do not genuinely care for a person, then you shouldn’t be on their friends list. It is better to have few friends rather than having a superficial friend list who doesn’t care about you. Something to ponder upon.

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