Dealing with changing times

changeHow can something amazing end up becoming something unwanted in a few years? This happens to me all the time and I am sure a lot of people can resonate with it as well. Anything that is new to us or that we are experiencing for the first time is blissful but as days pass by, things change and over the time we start to dislike it.

This can happen at your job, in a relationship, a new recipe that you cook, the new dress that you loved when you bought but hardly wear it anymore, a tv serial you once adored, your smartphone and the list goes on. Why does this happen? Are we changing or are there changes happening on the other side. Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

Life is a process of constant progression. One doesn’t stop at a stage just because they like it or are contented with it. Also, people and other entities don’t pause at a given instant either. As time progresses, these things progress as well. Sometimes we like the change and at other times we don’t like it.

Dealing with changing times can be hard, especially if you are not anticipating it. Assuming that things will never change is foolishness. In order to manage change, one needs to accept it and keep moving forward. Treat every new challenge as an experience that will help you make better. You may not like trying new thing at first but as time goes on you get better with it and then it will be time to make the change again.

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