My baby koi’s survived

koiSpring is here and its finally time for my koi fishes to swim all the way up on the pond and enjoy some sunlight. I have a medium sized outdoor fish pond, its quite deep and I have 4 koi fishes right now. I inherited this when I bought my house. The lady who was selling the house asked me if I was interested in keeping them and I happily obliged. They were about 5 years old when I moved in, they are about 8years old now. They are pretty hardy and except for the weekly feeding and quarterly cleaning, they not require any maintenance.

Sometime last year around late August I spotted a fry (small baby koi fish) swimming in the pond. This was the first time that I had ever seen a baby fish so I wasn’t sure if it was a baby fish or perhaps a tadpole. I kept observing them every 2 days and I spotted at least 2 or 3 in the next few days. I got really excited and started reading about what I should do to take care of them. After reading from various sources I found that there is not much I can do other than leaving them on their own, they usually survive well on large pond (which I had) feeding on the plants and other stuff from the walls of the pond.

I wasn’t too hopeful about their survival but nevertheless continued monitoring them. I was traveling out for a few weeks in September and once I got back, fall had started and eventually winter. I tried looking for the fry’s but never spotted them thereafter. I figured they might have died or have been eaten, until last week when I spotted a 2 inch black koi in my pond. It showed up and disappeared very quickly and at first I brushed it off thinking that maybe it was a shadow of the other koi’s. A few days later I spotted it again and this time I was sure this was my fry all grown up. I kept monitoring it again and today I saw 2 of them. They are shy and don’t come up and are usually swimming in the mid to lower part of my pond. They are greyish in color which I read is normal and might change once they grow up. I don’t care what color they are, I am just glad they survived. I can’t wait to see them full grown up and start swimming on the top of the pond. I will keep you posted on the progress. So excited!!!

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