Hopes, aspirations, frustrations

lifeIf you ask me to describe life, I would say it’s a combination of hope, aspirations, frustration and a little bit of happiness. I don’t want to sugar coat it, even the richest of the richest is unhappy in some way or the other.

It is like a vicious circle, you dream about something, you find it, you enjoy it and then it becomes boring and you want to get away or change it. This cycle goes on with everything in our life – with relationships, jobs, car, clothes, food, dreams.

There is nothing wrong with the vicious circle, it just proves that life around us constantly changes. People change and as we grow up our needs changes as well. Everything around us constantly changes and so do we.

The only way to manage these circles in our life is to find a way to be happy in each of the iteration. One way to do it is to realize that bad times don’t last, look at the positive side of things and constantly make efforts to improve your life. Never give up at any point in these circles because once you start giving up, the circles will become uneven. You will then end up having iterations of unhappiness, sometime more than you can tolerate and that is not a good sign. Take life one day at a time and find happiness in small things, eventually you will find that life is not that complicated after all.

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