My alternative career

infoSometimes you reach a point in your life where you start to ponder about what would be an ideal career for you. Even if you love your job and are good at it. This thought often crosses my mind and one day when I started thinking deeply about it, I found that I am really good at investigating things and perhaps I could make a good detective. It could be anything starting from investigating the root cause of a software bug or the life history of a person I met five minutes ago or finding out the age of my colleagues.

I guess the idea originated because of my obsession about knowing everything. I always want to be the person who knows everything, the idea of not knowing something scares me. Whenever I come across something new, I spend a lot of time researching about it until I find myself being comfortable with it. For example, when someone sends a formal lunch invite to a restaurant that I haven’t been before, I make sure to research the restaurant and it’s menu before accepting it. I guess that was a trivial example.

How about when a new neighbor moves in. The moment I get to know their name, I research about them such as where they are from, what they do, their family and so on until I have exhausted all resources of possible information about them. I don’t do anything with the information that I gather, I may not even talk to my neighbor often but just the idea of knowing everything satisfies me.

There are many more examples but I will save that for some other post lest I creep you out. I guess part of my obsession is also related to the fact that it has become very easy to gather information about something or someone online. Once you start searching, you would be surprised how much information can be gathered about people just by typing their name on google. Unfortunately not many people are conscious about the stuff they make available for public. It is high time we monitor our online presence and use the appropriate tools to limit the amount of information that we make available to the outside world.

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