You are not the only one in pain

sadLife is not as harsh as you think. Many times when I am going through a rough phase in my life, I often wonder why my life is so hard. Why is it that I keep falling in the receiving end of things. Why do things go wrong with me. Why is it that bad things happen to me when I never think bad about others. Why other people’s life seem so simple and happy.

So many why’s just makes us miserable. But the truth is nobody’s life is perfect. Behind every smile there is a backstory of hardships, struggles, disappointments, sadness, grief. Some lucky ones have overcome it, some have learnt to life with it and not let it ruin their life and some have used it to emerge out stronger.

I have a good ear, I am a good listener to my friends. Sometimes all they need is an ear to hear their venting. And I like it that way because I am not great at conversations. I like to listen and I listen intently. And over the years, I have listened to many stories of struggles and sadness in many of my friends lives.

I always felt my life was hard but as I discovered other people’s pain, I felt that my pain was nothing compared to the one they have been through. Suddenly all my complains about my life seemed so little. All the fights and petty things that I worried about did not seem important to me anymore. I started to look at live positively.

I cannot share the details of my friends’ pain but all I can say is that don’t judge people from their outer appearance or their Facebook profiles and messages. They are only putting the good part out there, they only show you want they want the world to see. But deep inside everyone goes through a lot of pain. Do not lose hope, life can be much worse than what you are going through. And no matter how lonely you are, there will always be that one person whom you can reach out to who will lend you their ear and be there for you.

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