Do people ever forget the past?

chain-232930__180I have heard people say all the time, forget the past move on to the future. Even if one has moved on, is it ever possible to forget the past? Good or bad, it is very hard to forget what happened in the past. For instance, I cannot forget the hardships I underwent many years ago. I was in a situation where I used to think twice before buying a piece of cake for $3 because I wanted to save up to pay off my loans. Now that I have sufficient money to live my life comfortably, I still remember those old days.

I had a very close friend during my teenage years, we were inseparable but for some reason there was misunderstanding between us and even though we made up after that, things were not the same. We were never friends again. She has moved on but I still think of her. I still miss a good friend in my life even though I have other friends.

I know holding onto things is probably not good but there can be situations where one have moved on but can never forget about it. You cannot erase part of your memory like that. Whatever we have been through stays with us forever. We may chose to not think about it but it still remains with us for our lifetime.

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