Trying to keep up my resolutions

iPhoneI have found a wonderful way to stay active. Two of the important items on my resolution list this year was to walk more and learn Spanish. I am generally a very active person. I like to walk, run, play except I become lazy when its cold or raining outside. My workout graph comes all the way down during winter months. Most years I try to compensate for this by working out inside my house, like walking down the hallway for about 30 minutes everyday or using the elliptical and so on. But gradually that reduces too, thanks to my laziness.

However all of that changed since last week, thanks to my iPhone health app. I usually don’t use apps too much unless I need to like maps, email, yelp app etc but the health app got my started. It tells the number of steps I take everyday, how many miles I walked, stairs I climbed and so on. I just happened to open it one day and noticed I had walked more than the previous 5 days. So I decided to walk a little more the following day to match it up. That kept going and because I did not want the graph to come down, I kept maintaining or increasing my activity every day.

In addition to that, I also have an app for learning Spanish (Duolingo). So while I am walking around my room, I am also learning Spanish. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone. I have been trying to learn Spanish for a while now and one of the reasons why I couldn’t so far was because I lose interest after a few weeks. I want to change that pattern this year and I hope my walking and Spanish lessons will complement each other and help me achieve both this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Do you have any other interesting ideas in mind?

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