What does your workplace teach you

workplaceWorkplace is a great way to learn many things in life. Many of us underestimate the amount of things that we get to learn from work, no matter what job you are in. Before I started working, I had no idea how to write an official email. Of course, I had learnt about it in school but had never used it. Writing emails, attending conference calls, how to cover up for the team’s mistakes without giving away names, taking ownership of your job are some of obvious benefits.

But other than these there are also some hidden virtues that one gets to learn. It helps you learn to work together as a team, you learn to deal with annoying people, you even get to handle the outlandish expectations that management has on you sometimes. And believe it or not, this helps you to ponder into areas that you never imagined entering and you come out with flying colors. You learn to control your anger, you also learn to control your tears. Sometimes it may feel like a complete mess but above all you come out of it as a matured individual.

There is no such thing as a bad job, there can be challenging situations but everything has its good and bad days. One just needs to understand how much they are willing to stretch themselves into achieving the goal without feeling miserable. That being said, no one should remain miserable in a job, even if its a high paying one. The moment you start feeling miserable, you should move on. The more you move, the more you learn.

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