Don’t stop doing your best

keep goingTime and again we come across situations in life where people don’t value our efforts. It could be at work, it could be at school, it could be at home or when we are around with friends. We might go all the way out to do our best but never get credit for it. Sometimes, it is also possible that a different person gets the credit instead. When such things happen, it is normal to feel sad, angry, ignored.

Lot of negative emotions begins to develop and we start resenting people. Slowly it brings the worst in us, we stop being our old self who used to be good at everything and turn into this massive pain person. Why do we become from hero to zero just because someone doesn’t appreciates us? Why do we constantly look for validation of our work? Why are we in search of approval from people who may not necessarily be important in our life?

Expecting appreciation from someone is like giving that person authority over you. Instead appreciate yourself, enjoy your hard work, share your success with family who truly understands you. Take a day off, go for vacation. These moments are much better than getting a pat on the back from someone who doesn’t mean it. Stop looking for someone to tell you that you are good, and believe in yourself.

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