Gender Equality – Is this just a myth?

equalityWe talk about about equality for women everywhere but do we really mean it? I am a career oriented woman with lots of aspirations. I work very hard and I enjoy doing it but I also expect to get returns, the same way that my male colleagues get. For some reason I always feel that when it comes to compensation or promotions, I am the second choice. Not because I am not good but because they feel that a raise or bonus will help a male coworker to support his family as opposed to a female even if she has a family.

People still think that woman is only a secondary source of income at home and doesn’t have responsibilities like a man running a family does. They obviously don’t say it out like that but sometimes actions speak more than words.

In my opinion, most woman work very hard and sometimes they are better at work than men. I don’t mean to start a man vs woman debate here, I don’t hate men but it pains when your hard work doesn’t pay of.

I know people speak about it all the time, there are even laws imposed on equality but do we really believe in all this? When it comes to you, are you making an equal decision?

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