There is always something better out there

life is goodI have learnt today that flu shot has no effect on me. I am not one of those who gets a shot at the beginning of the flu season. In fact I have never got one all my life until this year when I was forced to take one for some paperwork. And although flu/cold and I have a long history of love-hate relationship (I hate them while they love me), I somehow hoped the flu shot would help me get through this winter with catching cold. The effect of flu shot was so intense that I had a sore arm for 10 days. I sat through the pain hoping its for my own good. Turns out within one month of taking the flu shot I have got my usual cold again.

Anyway, its Friday and I won’t start the day complaining. I have noticed that women love complaining, this includes me as well. Sometimes I pity my husband because he has to listen to it all the time and he makes an honest attempt to solve my problems. Although most times, I am not looking for a solution.

After every few years in my life, I reach a phase where I start to feel my life is not moving forward. I feel like I am stuck, congested and I am desperate to get out. But something within me also stops me from getting out. I am also afraid of making changes. And while I am stuck between these two contrasting thoughts, I see a sign that motivates me to move forward.

I am not sure if all of this makes any sense. I like to write my blogs with some kind of a cryptic sense in such a way where I don’t give out too many details but at the same time provide enough information so you can add your situation to it and apply it to your life. The point is, even when you think your life is perfect, don’t stop there. Be hungry for more, there is always something much better out there that you deserve.

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