Be the change you want to see

be the change you want to seeLong time ago, I came across an article which said that people in Sweden who go to work early, park their cars in the farthest spot. They do this so that their colleagues who come to work late can park closer since these people are most likely to be in a hurry and truly deserve the closer spot. I am not sure if that story is true but I would like to believe that it is. I believe that all of us should adopt this.

We life our lives thinking only about us most times, I think it is high time we think about others too. So much in our world today speaks about what others should do to make the world better but nobody talks about what they can do to change things.

I saw a video today where a cow in India which was feeding on garbage for many years was rescued and treated for complications. The doctors retrieved about 10Kg of plastic paper waste from the cows stomach. I couldn’t finish seeing the 3 minute video. It was too painful to watch and at the same time I felt guilty. I can’t just sit here and blame the people of India, I think each one of us is responsible for that cow’s plight. Many states in US have banned plastics but it is still available in abundance in other parts of the world.

Humans are the most selfish creature God has created. We like to use everything for our benefit but we seldom think about others living in this planet. When will this change? What can we do to change? I think the answer to this lies within our own hearts. Stop talking and start doing things to bring change to others life.

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