Sometimes its ok to let go

let goSometimes one of the best decisions you make in life is to let go. Most people, in general have the tendency to hold on to things, people, memories and everything else that is dear to them. This can often cause pain both to them as well as other parties involved.

Letting go is definitely a hard decision but at the same time it is the wise one. One of the main reasons people find it hard to let go is the uncertainty that follows it. More than letting go, it is the fear of embracing something new that scares us.

The other reason that worries us is the fear of not losing. Sometimes we think that if we let go of our children to pursue their dreams, they will never come back. Not just children, anything in general. People often think letting go is equivalent to forgetting.

I am writing this in a very broad and vague sense because this can be applied on a varied number of scenarios. In almost all cases, it will be the hardest thing to do and would take lot of courage but at the end, you would have made the right decision.

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