Having a clean heart

clean heartGoing a little spiritual today, so pardon me if this doesn’t interest you. My dad always says, having a clean heart is more important than anything else in this world. A person can say millions of prayers, give alms worth of hundreds of dollars but in his mind and heart if he has jealousy, anger, hatred even for one person then all his efforts are waste. I have seen many people in my life who preach about saying prayers everyday and following everything that the church tells us to do and I agree with it except that I feel this should come from a clean heart. A prayer is worthless if you have hatred or ill feeling towards others within you.

I have also known people who do not preach about doing all these, yet lead a simple, happy life that has no room for hatred, anger, jealousy. They just believe in unconditional love. I hold these people greater in my heart than the ones who just pretend to be superior.

Which category do you belong to? Are you the one who goes behind rituals without knowing its true meaning or the one who doesn’t bother too much about the rituals but still leads a meaningful life or are you a combination of both?

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