Does technology bring us close?

technologyI spoke to a few of my cousins and aunt today after almost 8 to 10years. It’s not that we had fought or anything, just the fact that we all grew up and moved to different places and the fast life caught up with us. I found some of them on Facebook in the past few years, but a real conversation never happened.

One of the things I always wondered about online communication, is how much close does it really bring us? We have technology that can help us find and communicate with anyone at anytime and yet we don’t feel that closeness until we meet them face to face and have a cup of coffee.

Sometimes I feel that technology keeps us distant from our loved ones. I have heard numerous stories about people no longer having a proper conversation while having dinner because someone or the other are always on the phone texting, browsing or checking emails. I am on a vacation right now at a place with very less connectivity and although it makes me feel helpless at times for not being able to check email or browse on my phone but I am glad it is this way because it helps me focus on the important things. To take the time to connect with people and the place.

Technology was built for our convenience, to help us do things faster so that we can focus on important things that really matter to us. But are we really using it for what it was intended? Something to ponder about for sure.

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