My life felt meaningless today

meaningless lifeI visited a home for special kids today. The coordinator of the home gave us a tour of the place and as we interacted with the kids, we got to learn about their backgrounds and where they came from. Some of them were found in the trash can, some were found soaked in kerosene as their parents wanted to kill them, some of their parents abandoned them due to their disabilities and many more horrible stories.

As I was returning back home and reflecting upon this, I felt that everything that I have experienced all my life, all my problems, disappointments, hardships seemed meaningless in front of these kids. All of a sudden my life felt so small, my beautiful home, my cute little mini cooper and every other comfort that I think I got because I deserve it. I felt ashamed and guilty for leading a comfortable life. What did these little kids do to deserve such a hard life.

Why have we become so selfish? Most of us just want to keep earning money, provide whatever we can for our family. As we fulfill one desire, we start planning for the next but how often do we think about the unprivileged ones? Are we giving back to the society? There is no right or wrong way to help, life is too small to be selfish. There are plenty of people who need your help, find a way to help them and bring a change in this world.

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