Living in an imperfect world

imperfect flowerI am a perfectionist, I pay lot of attention to detail. I like to get things done right. I am all about order and plan, there is no way things can go wrong when I am in charge because I always have back up plan. I am wired this way, it may annoy some people but unfortunately it also fails me sometimes. I have set such high standards for success that when life is not perfect, I feel very sad. I feel like a failure.

There are some things in life that are not in my control and my urge to make things perfect ruins it even more. I have learnt from experience that sometimes it is okay to not be perfect. Sometimes it is important to let things happen (even when you don’t like it) and if you have the willpower, things will turn around and be perfect again. Life never magically makes itself perfect, we all need to work hard for it. Sometimes it is an easy slope, other times it’s a rugged road. The key is to not get disappointed and keep moving forward.

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