Rescuing plants

download (1)In the past year or two I have been having interest in rescuing plants. These are plants that are near dead or abandoned and I pick them up, take care of them, nurture them and voila they are blooming again.

It all started about three years back, my parents and I were walking in an arboretum when my mom spotted a small cutting of Parasol Aeonium lying on the walkway, stamped on and half dead. My mom picked it up and instead of throwing it on the bin, she brought it home. We left it in a glass of water for a week and noticed tiny roots developing from the stem. We were excited about the growth and potted it a week later. It’s been growing well ever since and I have multiplied it to several small ones now. And thus started my new hobby.

I now have several such plants that were either rescued or grown out of plant cuttings or revived after being assumed as dead. I am very protective of these plants and don’t let anyone cut them away. I do however multiple them and give it to friends who ask for it. It’s a nice little hobby and it keeps me relaxed.

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2 Responses to Rescuing plants

  1. susurrus says:

    My sweetheart had a rosemary bush he rooted from garnish served on meal.

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