Complaining People

downloadDo you find yourself blaming and complaining about stuff all the time? Many people, women especially enjoy complaining a lot. Sometimes it happens unconsciously. I have done it many times too, sometimes I don’t even realize that I am doing it until I see someone else complaining to me and then I realize how much a person can complain about things.

There are some colleagues I have had at work whose conversation resolves around complaining about something or someone almost all the time. It’s as if they can’t think about anything outside of that. How about just talking about what you did over the weekend for the change.

Complaining is a very toxic emotion. It never solves the problem but drain’s the energy away for both the parties involved. The worst thing from the listener’s standpoint is that in most cases they are obligated to provide a shoulder to lean on and agree with the person’s complaints even if they don’t share the same opinion.

Sometimes complaining can be genuine and you should do everything you can to help the person if possible. But other times you need to learn to ignore the conversation, stay away from them to avoid it from ruining your time.

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