Talk much?

downloadHave you been at a place where people talk too much? I was at a meeting today with eight people in the room and another six on the phone talking about what we can do to improve at work. The meeting started with few genuine ideas getting exchanged and slowly it converted into a session of blaming about things that went wrong.

Soon it was just two people talking about what they don’t like about the team, the process, the workflow and what not. It was clear after few minutes that the problem was with these two people not being able to collaborate well and work as a team. This went on for the next half an hour or so.

There are always three kinds of people in a meeting. One who don’t talk, a second one who talk and the third one who talk non-sense. The ones not talking at several times better than those who talk non-sense. These are the people who drain your energy out. They have no consideration for others time and add no value to the meeting agenda.

A good moderator often makes sure such people are cut on time, the moderator in todays meeting tried doing that a couple times but eventually she gave up and it was no longer controllable.

Being an introvert, I belong to the category of people who don’t talk much. I generally only talk when I can add value to the conversation. Saying things which are implied feels redundant to me. I may come across as shy and soft spoken many times but it doesn’t matter. As long as you talk when needed, people will listen to you. If you don’t talk much, your word becomes a precious commodity, on the other hand those that talk too much lose its value.

Like everything else, I believe in actions not words and so does much of the people out there. Speaking can get you initial gains but in the long term actions speak for you. Speak wisely, speak well, speak to add value.

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