Do you feel everything happens for a reason

images (1)I grew up hearing to the phrase – “Everything happens for a reason”, we all grew up listening to that and sometimes I hated it. I felt that it was just an easy way to sugar coat my bad luck. It felt worse when someone less deserving gets their way out easily.

I always wonder why is it easy for some people to achieve something, while harder for me even when I put in a lot of effort. Why is it that someone who is very responsible goes through a hard route while the irresponsible ones get away easy.

Sometimes things happen for a reason and you will never know why. At least not at that moment. Sometimes the answer to our question comes probably after many years when things fall into place and you start to see things clearly.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were extremely unhappy with the events but a few years down the line you begin to understand it was all for your good. Sometimes you are put in situations that you may not necessarily like for example – not being able to get an admit in college that you wanted to go or not able to get a job that you thought you deserved or not able to buy a house you liked. But many years later, you find out that it was probably for the best when you have a good career just because you went to this other college or you got a promotion that you would never have got had you joined the other company or being able to afford a bigger house now which you couldn’t earlier.

The point is, life is a maze of events. All of these events are connected with each other in a way that no one understands. You just need to believe in yourself and keep moving forward and you will find surprises in ways that you never expected.

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