What do you want to leave behind

download (2)Have you ever wondered what you want to leave behind after you are gone? Some leave behind money, some leave debt, some leave sorrows, some happiness, some leave behind nothing, some a legacy. For ordinary people death erases their existence. All that is left behind is a tombstone, few memories, may be some pictures and a few material things, all of which will slowly disappear. Everyone eventually forgets the dead and moves on.

What doesn’t die is your work. The story you wrote, the picture you painted, the program you coded, the product you prepared, the knowledge you shared, the seed you sowed that has now grown into a large tree, the ideas you shared, the ideas you invented and may be implemented.

Do things that will remain even after you are long gone. People still remember Shakespeare’s writing, Picasso’s painting, Einstein’s inventions. Life is too short to chase after things that people will not remember you for.

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